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I would like to introduce myself. my name is Melody and my Hawaiian name is Melokia. Welcome to SUP Outfitters. Shop.

I am the mother of three sons and beautiful grandchildren. You will most likely see them this summer with me on my SUP Board...

My husband and I have lived around the world, wherever his career took him. Most of our years were spent overseas. We spent many years living in Hawaii, on the Island of Oahu. I worked in the tourist industry, much of the time on the Starlet activity boat. Early mornings I would park my car six blocks away, for the cheapest parking. Then I cruised my skateboard to work, to be on the dock by 6 a.m. to start my fun filled day!

The Starlet could be found leaving the Aloha Tower, taking customers off the shores of Waikiki. There they could enjoy a water slide, water trampolines, kayaks and guided snorkeling tours. I also worked on whale watching cruises during the winter months. Humpback whales migrate to the Hawaiian islands to give birth to their calves.

I also had the pleasure of working for Ko Olina Ocean Adventures. Customers would have an opportunity to swim with Hawaiian spinner dolphins, snorkel at Turtle Town and a couple of other popular snorkeling sites on the west side of Oahu.

I also worked at Hanauma Bay, which is one of the most beautiful places on the Island. In her belly she holds the treasures few have ever seen and it’s my favorite place to see the tropical fish of the Pacific.

On my days off you could find me bathing in the sun on the North Shore, surfing, SUP surfing, free-diving, snorkeling for hours or hiking the beautiful trails of the island. Every day is truly paradise in Hawaii!

We also lived in Germany for six great years, where we traveled all over Europe. We loved to just jump in the car and drive to other countries. We picked up mountain biking and tried our luck at snowboarding. We liked to travel, often in groups as large as 25. There were many snowboarding trips in the German, French, and Swiss Alps, plus our favorite the Austrian Alps!

Yes, God has truly blessed me and my family with a life time of beautiful memories!

We have settled here on Beaver Lake, in Eureka Springs, AR.
I am so excited to introduce the Hawaiian born sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, SUP, to NW Arkansas. It’s the fastest growing water sport and it’s moving to the lakes and rivers.

I try to lead an active and eco-friendly lifestyle. My goal is to introduce this healthy eco-friendly activity of Stand Up Paddleboarding to as many enthusiasts as possible and improving everyone’s quality of life, including my own!​ 

My Bio

Melody, competitive by nature moved to Arkansas eventually built my own company, and somewhere along the way I’ve dedicated my life to playing in the great outdoors. Helping people get hooked on Stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Passionate about sharing all forms of stand up paddling. Constantly striving to perfect and maintain my techniques of fitness, surfing, racing, flatwater, open ocean paddling and even whitewater.

My Mission

My passion for playing on the water is our lifestyle and we hope to share this passion. Helping people get hooked on (SUP) Standup Paddle-boarding and connecting them to outdoors, nature and elements.

My Vision

SUP Outfitters provides a unique experience attracting adventure-seeking individuals/groups to explore our Natural State of Arkansas. Paddle boarding promotes Arkansas as a destination for discovery, supporting local businesses, while encountering others and experiencing something unique. We promote experience-based education by offering water safety, lessons and guided eco-tours and SUP Yoga.​

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Melody (Melokia)

Melody (Melokia)

SUP Outfitters Founder / Instructor